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One of the most amazing Nintendo Wii accessories is the Wii Fit. It gives you more unique game play and more fun when playing games. You can play games with your friends or children while compete with each other on this balance board. It is so much fun staying fit when doing exercises and fitness workout with the wii fit fitness games using this balance board. Here is what Wii Fit offers you:It has four different game play/exercise styles:- Yoga- Balance Games- Strength Training- AerobicsWhen you connect the wii fit with your Nintendo Wii you get couple of mini games to play using this balance board. But for more fun you can buy the Wii Fit Games which are more sophisticated, specific and much more. You have from skiing to fitness and much more. Here are some of the most popular and best wii fit games for your wii fit console. Don't forget to take a look at wii fit games for more reviews of this games and if you want to have a look at buyers reviews and vote scale check out the best wii fit games.